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The Next Step

Roundup Ready Corn
Types of GM Corn
Affects on Other Countries
Progress in this Field
The Next Step
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     Scientists want to develop corn that more efficiently absorbs nutrients from the soil. They want to use GM corn to reduce the costly need for fertilizer. Scientists hope to produce a corn that grows in tough conditions, such as dry and poor soil and drought. This would be very beneficial in helping developing countries like Africa and Mexico. It would also help to keep the corn market going during poor years.
   There is still much outcry about GM crops. People need to be better educated so that they can make an informed decision about where they stand on this controversial issue.
      Genetically modified corn offers so many advantages and can help so many people, but there is still a lot that needs to done before the public will be accepting of eating this corn. Further studies should be done to help the public better understand the benefits and risks associated with GM corn.

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