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Roundup Ready Corn
Types of GM Corn
Affects on Other Countries
Progress in this Field
The Next Step
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  • Genetically modified corn can trasmit genetic traits to nearby crops or wild relatives through cross-pollination.
  • Corn has a high frequency of gene flow.
  • Transgenic varieties with competitive advantages might get rid of genetic diversity.
  • Plant DNA can last in the soil for over 2 years. If crops are rotated between GM and non GM the DNA could get passed on.
  • GM Corn can cross-pollinate another plant from as far away as 31 metres.
  • There maybe unexpected risk factors and effects that can't be anticipated. 
  • The public are not educated about genetically modified corn and therefore are unable to make an informed decision about it.

   The fact that it takes years to do studies and find out all the risk and benefits of GM corn is the biggest disadvantage of all. This lack of information causes the public concern whether it is needed or not.


Created by: Heidi 2005