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Roundup Ready Corn
Types of GM Corn
Affects on Other Countries
Progress in this Field
The Next Step
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What can Genetically Modified Corn do for the World?

  • Develop more nutritious strains of staple foods.
  • Help developing countries survive famine.
  • Raise the corn yield per year.
  • Lower the cost of production.
  • Farmers will make more money in tough years, since their corn is hardier towards dryness and pests. This could save the industry at certain critical times.
  • The corn may have lower levels of mycotoxins which are potentially carcinogenic compounds to humans. They result from fungal activity in insects infected corn. The fewer insect holes in plant tissue, fungi cannot invade and make toxins.
  • Can be planted in notillage fields.

Created by: Heidi 2005