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Types of GM Corn

Roundup Ready Corn
Types of GM Corn
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     There are so many other ways that genetically modified corn has helped farmers. These are just some of the examples of positive effects GM corn has had on farmers.
Corn Borer
     Larvae causes damage by feeding on corn leaves. Then the older larvae bore into the corn stalk which weakens the plant and causes it ear damage. The fully grown larvae stays the winter in cornstalks, corn cobs and debris on the ground around the corn. The adults come out in the spring and reproduce.
     This is hard to control since the larvae also infest weeds and wild grasses near the corn field. The corn borer alone can get rid of 30% of the corn crop.
The Solution: YieldGard Corn
     YieldGard Corn protects against insects such as the European cornborer, Southwestern cornborers, Southern corn stalk borer and the earthworm.
Corn Yield Loss Due to Drought
Solution: Drought-tolerant Corn
     This corn is curently still being developed, but offers much promise for the future, such as environmental and yield benefits. It improves water use and is cost saving on irrigation.

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