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Progress in this Field
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     Carbless Corn
     What if you could eat a corn that was low in carbohydrates? The University of California has just created a genetically modified corn that has half the usual amount of carbohydrates, double the protein and fat. This corn could be beneficial to people living in countries with protein deficiency, due to its high fat and protein content. Maybe someday a corn could be made that people on diets would eat.  
Intellicoat Early Plant Corn Seed
     Farmers have always struggled with when to begin planting corn. If planted too early the corn may not survive through early spring conditions. If the farmer waits he may not be able to plant all his crops and therefore, suffer a yield loss. There is now a solution to this problem. It is called Intellicoat Early Plant coated corn seeds. It has a built in temperature switch which is set to keep moisture out  before soil temperature reaches 55 degrees F. Planting earlier will allow the corn to have additional days to reach maturity and dry down.
    When a corn seed germinates in cold soil it is susceptible to chilling injury which impairs its development and may kill it. Intellicoat Early Plant seed corn coatings ensure the conditions are perfect before germination occurs.
     Farmers can even plant this corn earlier in no-till application. Planting corn with Intellicoat seed coating can maximimize profit and reduce the risk of a low yield.


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